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Privacy declaration

Within Central City Church (CCC) personal data is handled with care in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Personal data is used exclusively by CCC and is not made available to third parties. Below is described which data is stored, what you can expect from us and which rules we adhere to.

• We store the personal information of all our members on one secure computer, provided by each member of Central City Church. This concerns: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth and family composition. This data is managed by Alex van Laren and is intended for internal use only.

• We store personal data of all members on assignment within Central City Church, secured in Planning Center. (Name, email address and telephone number). People within the teams can access this information through Planning Center.

• We hold personal data of all pit stop leaders and members. (Name, address and pit stop layout).

• We keep the names and dates of birth of all children (members only) within Central City Church for the purpose of determining age groups and celebrating birthdays. The details of their parents (name and e-mail address) are also stored in order to be able to send updates about the children’s work. Only the management of the children’s work has access to this data.

• We store email addresses of Central City Church members and associates within the online tool Mailchimp, for the purpose of keeping them informed through emails. a newsletter. Only our communications team has access to this. Each newsletter contains a link to unsubscribe (immediately).

• We store personal data sent by visitors via our (secure) website to register an activity. Only our communications team has access to this data, together with the relevant organizational team.

View, modify and delete data

You have the right at all times to view, correct or delete your personal data. You can send a request for inspection, correction or deletion using our contact form.

Photo and video material

On our website and our social media channels (FacebookInstagram and Twitter) we use images of, among others, our leaders, elders and/or deacons in combination with their names and/or data. They have given their written permission for this. For all images that we publish, members can have their photo (or their approval) removed/withdrawn at any time. Contact us using our contact form.

Data breach policy

• If possible and necessary, we will report a data leak to the responsible authority within 72 hours via

• If a data breach is reported, it will be handled further by one of the leaders

• Policy is to notify people whose information has been “leaked” or hacked” as soon as possible

• The system we use (Planning Center) cannot detect misuse of data or access. To become aware of data leaks, we depend on reports from others/third parties.


Within Central City Church, the protection of your data is taken seriously and appropriate measures have therefore been taken to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized modification. Do you nevertheless have the impression that your data is insufficiently secured, that your data is stored incorrectly or that it is processed or shared without your permission? Contact us using our contact form.

Cookie Policy

We use Google Analytics to collect data. We need this data to understand how you use our website so we can improve its design and functionality. We also use this data to reduce spam through our contact form. Using this website you provide consent to Google Analytics to process and collect your the following personal data (cookies and IP address) to provide us with this information.

The information gathered will not be used for marketing purposes. We take responsibility for the processing of your data. We are available to answer any question and handle any request from you. If you have any questions regarding our use of cookies please contact us using our contact form.

More information

Do you have questions about the use of your personal data? Then please contact us. For more information about privacy, you can consult the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.