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I hope these testimonies push your heart and mind toward God and give you a deeper desire to share your life with Him. Each of the stories encouraged me with the underlying message: “You must be with Him. No matter what happens in your life, no matter how hard you may or may not have to fight. Hold fast to God and to His Book full of wonderfully liberating precepts. Therein lies your victory.”

Enjoy reading!
Lianne (author of the testimonials on this page)


Emmy has had a dream ever since she was young; to be a nurse. But when she is 13 years old, she falls ill: “Overnight my energy was gone. At first it seemed like a flu, but it stayed. I did nothing for a year; it just didn’t work. I lay limp on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Doctors had no clue what I had.”

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Jesse plays table tennis at a high level in his teens. He is one of the best youth players in the Netherlands, wins the Dutch championship with his team and then plays in the premier league. At the age of nineteen, his sports career came to an abrupt end when he injured his wrist. A painful moment that triggers something beautiful: God begins to heal his heart. Little by little, book after book.

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